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Donate for Our Cause 

Hundreds and thousands of homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our platform - could you help us?


We have been pleased to receive patronage and support in our goal to rescue and care for abandoned or rescued animals from various places in the city. However, we are sad to announce that lately, with the decline in the economy, less and fewer people have been able to donate to our Homebound Project. It means that the animals in our care are not able to get the proper care for their individual needs.

These animals deserve a good home, and by donating to us, you are directly helping them recover from all the trauma they have experienced. We at Homebound accept donations both in cash and in kind, but we must be honest and state that we do need quite a bit of money to be able to meet the medical needs of our animals in our small shelter. By donating to this cause, you shall be receiving a discount coupon that is redeemable at our from our partner organizations like H-Audio Technologies and many others. We look forward to your continued support, and please always remember to Adopt, Don't Shop.

To Donate:

Pay Pal:

G-Cash: 0945-205-4175

Whatsapp: +61 430 501910

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